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Batch Resize Image for SDXL

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How to Install Mikey Nodes

Install this extension via the ComfyUI Manager by searching for  Mikey Nodes
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  • 2. Select Custom Nodes Manager button
  • 3. Enter Mikey Nodes in the search bar
After installation, click the  Restart button to restart ComfyUI. Then, manually refresh your browser to clear the cache and access the updated list of nodes.

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Batch Resize Image for SDXL (Mikey) Description

Automate batch resizing of images with upscale methods and crop options for AI artists, saving time and ensuring quality.

Batch Resize Image for SDXL (Mikey):

The Batch Resize Image for SDXL node is designed to streamline the process of resizing multiple images within a specified directory. This node is particularly useful for AI artists who need to prepare a large number of images for further processing or analysis. By leveraging various upscale methods and crop options, this node ensures that your images are resized efficiently and consistently, maintaining the desired quality and dimensions. The primary goal of this node is to automate the batch resizing process, saving you time and effort while providing flexibility in how images are scaled and cropped.

Batch Resize Image for SDXL (Mikey) Input Parameters:


This parameter specifies the directory where the images to be resized are located. It is a string input that should point to the folder containing your image files. The node will process all supported image formats within this directory, including .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .webp, .bmp, and .gif. Ensure that the directory path is correct and accessible to avoid errors during execution.


This parameter determines the method used to upscale the images. The available options are nearest-exact, bilinear, area, and bicubic. Each method has its own characteristics: nearest-exact is fast but may produce blocky results, bilinear offers a balance between speed and quality, area is suitable for downscaling, and bicubic provides high-quality results but is slower. Choose the method that best fits your quality and performance needs.


This parameter specifies the cropping method to be applied during the resizing process. The available options are disabled and center. When disabled, no cropping is performed, and the image is resized as is. When center is selected, the image is cropped from the center to fit the desired dimensions. This is useful for maintaining the focus on the central part of the image.

Batch Resize Image for SDXL (Mikey) Output Parameters:


The output parameter is a list of resized images. Each image in the list has been processed according to the specified upscale method and crop option. The images are returned in a format ready for further processing or analysis, ensuring consistency in size and quality across the entire batch.

Batch Resize Image for SDXL (Mikey) Usage Tips:

  • Ensure that the image_directory path is correct and contains only the images you want to resize to avoid processing unnecessary files.
  • Choose the upscale_method based on your quality and performance requirements. For high-quality results, bicubic is recommended, while nearest-exact is suitable for faster processing.
  • Use the center crop option if you need to maintain the focus on the central part of the images, especially for portraits or centered subjects.

Batch Resize Image for SDXL (Mikey) Common Errors and Solutions:

Image directory <image_directory> does not exist

  • Explanation: The specified image directory path is incorrect or the directory does not exist.
  • Solution: Verify that the directory path is correct and that the directory exists. Ensure that the path is accessible and properly formatted.

Unsupported image format

  • Explanation: The directory contains files that are not in the supported image formats (.png, .jpg, .jpeg, .webp, .bmp, .gif).
  • Solution: Remove unsupported files from the directory or ensure that only supported image formats are present.

Error during image processing

  • Explanation: An error occurred while opening or processing an image file, possibly due to file corruption or unsupported image properties.
  • Solution: Check the integrity of the image files and ensure they are not corrupted. Replace any problematic files and try again.

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