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Combine Video

šŸ’  Mana Nodes
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How to Install ComfyUI-Mana-Nodes

Install this extension via the ComfyUI Manager by searching for Ā ComfyUI-Mana-Nodes
  • 1. Click the Manager button in the main menu
  • 2. Select Custom Nodes Manager button
  • 3. Enter ComfyUI-Mana-Nodes in the search bar
After installation, click the Ā Restart button to restart ComfyUI. Then, manually refresh your browser to clear the cache and access the updated list of nodes.

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šŸŽ„ Combine Video Description

Merge images into video with audio for AI artists, enhancing storytelling and workflow efficiency.

šŸŽ„ Combine Video:

The Combine Video node is designed to seamlessly merge a sequence of images into a cohesive video file, with the optional addition of an audio track. This node is particularly useful for AI artists who want to create dynamic visual presentations or animations from a series of still images. By converting images into a video format, you can enhance the storytelling aspect of your projects, making them more engaging and professional. The node handles the entire process, from preparing the image frames to encoding the video with the specified frame rate and audio, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

šŸŽ„ Combine Video Input Parameters:


This parameter accepts a sequence of images that will be combined to form the video. The images should be provided in a format that the node can process, typically as tensors or PIL images. The quality and resolution of these images will directly impact the final video output.


This string parameter specifies the prefix for the output video file's name. By default, it is set to "video\video". The node will use this prefix to generate the full path for the video file, ensuring that it is saved in the correct directory with an appropriate name.


This optional string parameter allows you to specify an audio file to be added to the video. If provided, the audio will be synchronized with the video frames, enhancing the overall viewing experience. If no audio file is specified, the video will be created without sound.


This integer parameter sets the frames per second (fps) for the video. It determines how many images are displayed per second in the final video. The default value is 30, with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 60. Adjusting the fps can affect the smoothness and duration of the video.

šŸŽ„ Combine Video Output Parameters:


This output parameter returns the path to the generated video file. It provides the location where the video has been saved, allowing you to easily access and use the video in your projects. The path includes the filename and extension, ensuring that you can locate the file without any issues.

šŸŽ„ Combine Video Usage Tips:

  • Ensure that all input images are of the same resolution to avoid inconsistencies in the final video.
  • Use a higher fps value for smoother animations, especially if the images depict fast-moving scenes.
  • If adding audio, make sure the audio file's duration matches the length of the video to avoid synchronization issues.
  • Experiment with different filename prefixes to organize your output files effectively.

šŸŽ„ Combine Video Common Errors and Solutions:

Invalid video file: <filename>

  • Explanation: This error occurs when the specified video file cannot be found or accessed.
  • Solution: Verify that the video file path is correct and that the file exists in the specified location.

Audio file not found: <filename>

  • Explanation: This error occurs when the specified audio file cannot be found or accessed.
  • Solution: Ensure that the audio file path is correct and that the file exists in the specified location.

Frame rate out of range

  • Explanation: This error occurs when the fps value is set outside the allowed range (1-60).
  • Solution: Adjust the fps value to be within the range of 1 to 60.

Image format not supported

  • Explanation: This error occurs when the input images are in an unsupported format.
  • Solution: Convert the images to a supported format, such as tensors or PIL images, before providing them to the node.

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