AnimateDiff + ControlNet | Marble Sculpture Style

This ComfyUI workflow employs AnimateDiff, ControlNet (with Depth), Lora, and more, for transforming original videos into the Marble Sculpture Style. This workflow effortlessly transforms videos into classic sculptures, giving content a timeless and captivating look that's sure to inspire.

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Transform Video to Marble Sculpture Style with AnimateDiff and ControlNet within ComfyUI
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1. ComfyUI Workflow: AnimateDiff + ControlNet | Marble Sculpture Style

This workflow leverages AnimateDiff, ControlNet with an emphasis on depth, and specialized Lora techniques to masterfully convert videos into a Marble Sculpture Style. You're invited to experiment with various prompts to explore different artistic styles, bringing your creative visions to life.

2. Overview of AnimateDiff

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3. Overview of ControlNet

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This workflow is inspired by with some modifications. For more information, please visit his YouTube channel.

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