ControlNet Tile + UltraSharp | Image & Video Upscaling

In this ComfyUI workflow, the initial video is generated by AnimediFF. Subsequently, we apply ControlNet Tile Upscale followed by a 4x UltraSharp Model Upscale. Frame interpolation is implemented at each stage of upscaling to ultimately enhance the initial video to high resolution.

ComfyUI Workflow

ComfyUI Hi-Res Fix Upscaling Workflow
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ComfyUI Examples


1. ComfyUI Workflow: ControlNet Tile + UltraSharp | Upscaling

This ComfyUI workflow offers an advanced approach to video enhancement, beginning with AnimeDiff for initial video generation. It incorporates the ControlNet Tile Upscale for detailed image resolution improvement, leveraging the ControlNet model to regenerate missing details while maintaining consistency with the input. This is particularly useful for segment-based upscaling. Then the process is complemented by the 4x UltraSharp Model Upscale, known for its exceptional clarity and detail enhancement capabilities, ensuring high-resolution outcomes without detail loss. Also, frame interpolation at each upscaling phase further elevates the video's quality, showcasing ComfyUI's comprehensive solution for achieving superior video resolution.

2. Overview of AnimateDiff

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3. Overview of ControlNet Tile

3.1. Introduction to ControlNet Tile

The ControlNet Tile for Upscale utilizes a ControlNet model to enhance image resolution by accurately regenerating missing or inconsistent details, thereby selectively ignoring discrepancies between the input prompt and local image features. This capability is particularly advantageous for image upscaling in segments or tiles, making it an ideal solution for generating high-quality, detailed images.

4. Overview of 4x-Ultrasharp Upscaler

4.1. Introduction to 4x-Ultrasharp Upscaler

The 4x-Ultrasharp Upscaler stands out for its ability to transform images into higher resolutions with remarkable clarity and detail, addressing the common challenge of detail loss in upscaling processes.