Face Restore + ControlNet + Reactor | Restore Old Photos

Transform faded images into vibrant memories with the power of Face Restore, ControlNet, and ReActor. Each technology plays a unique role in the reconstruction process, ensuring that every detail is meticulously preserved.

ComfyUI Workflow

Restore Old Photos using ComfyUI
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1. ComfyUI Workflow: Face Restore + ControlNet + Reactor | Restore Old Photos

In this workflow, transform your faded pictures into vivid memories involves a three-component approach: Face Restore, ControlNet, and ReActor. Face Restore sharpens and clarifies facial features, while ControlNet, incorporating OpenPose, Depth, and Lineart, offers precise control over the image generation for detailed scene reconstruction. OpenPose fixes poses, Depth adds three-dimensionality, and LineArt enhances outlines. Finally, the ReActor node specializes in face swaps, improving face detail and accuracy in restored photos, completing the restoration process with enhanced realism and fidelity to the original scene.

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