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How to Install ComfyI2I

Install this extension via the ComfyUI Manager by searching for  ComfyI2I
  • 1. Click the Manager button in the main menu
  • 2. Select Custom Nodes Manager button
  • 3. Enter ComfyI2I in the search bar
After installation, click the  Restart button to restart ComfyUI. Then, manually refresh your browser to clear the cache and access the updated list of nodes.

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ComfyI2I Description

ComfyI2I enhances ComfyUI with custom nodes for advanced image-to-image processing, enabling users to perform complex transformations and manipulations within the interface.

ComfyI2I Introduction

ComfyI2I is an extension designed to enhance the capabilities of ComfyUI by providing a set of custom nodes specifically for image-to-image (I2I) functions. This extension is particularly useful for AI artists who want to manipulate and transform images with ease. Whether you are looking to transfer colors between images, create masks, or perform complex image editing tasks, ComfyI2I offers a range of tools to help you achieve your creative goals.

How ComfyI2I Works

ComfyI2I operates by adding custom nodes to ComfyUI, each designed to perform specific image manipulation tasks. Think of these nodes as individual tools in a digital artist's toolkit. Each node can be connected to others to create a workflow that processes images in a step-by-step manner. For example, you might use one node to create a mask from an image, another to transfer colors, and yet another to combine and paste the final result. This modular approach allows for great flexibility and creativity.

ComfyI2I Features


ComfyShop is a painting application integrated into ComfyI2I, offering intuitive and comfortable painting features.

  • Access ComfyShop: Right-click on any image node that outputs an image and mask, then select ComfyShop from the pop-up menu.

  • Brush Menu: Press Shift + Right Mouse Button anywhere on the canvas to access the brush menu. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to change brush settings.

  • Zoom In/Out: Use Ctrl + Space + Mouse Move Left/Right to zoom in and out, and Ctrl + Space + Click and Drag to pan the canvas.

  • Save to Node: Save anything painted in greyscale to the 'MASK' output and anything painted in RGB mode to the 'IMAGE' output.

Color Transfer Node

This node allows you to transfer colors from one image to another, offering various customization options.

  • No_of_Colors: Choose the number of colors to extract from each image. Typically, 5-20 colors are sufficient.

  • Blur_Radius and Blur_Amount: Control how the edges of the color segments blur.

  • Strength: Adjust the strength of the color transfer effect.

  • Gamma, Contrast, and Brightness: Fine-tune the gamma, contrast, and brightness of the resulting image.

  • Masked Color Transfer: Transfer colors to specific masked regions for more control.

Mask Ops Node

This node performs various operations on masks created from images or text prompts.

  • Separate_Mask: Decide whether to keep all mask islands in one image or separate them.

  • Text and Use_Text: Create a mask from a text prompt. [Text_Sigma]( 1.JPG?raw=true) [Text_Sigma]( 2.JPG?raw=true)

  • Blend_Percentage: Blend your mask with a black and white image of what's underneath.

  • Black Level, Mid Level, White Level: Adjust these settings to change the levels of your mask.

  • Shrink_Grow and Invert: Shrink, grow, or invert your mask.

  • Blur_Radius: Blur your mask.

Inpaint Segments Node

This node segments and crops your mask and image based on bounding boxes, then upscales them for further processing.

Combine and Paste Node

This node resizes new images to the bounding boxes of your mask and pastes them over the original image.

Workflow Examples

  • Basic Workflow: A basic workflow combining all nodes is available in the workflows directory under I2I workflow.json.

  • Color Transfer Workflow: A workflow for color transfer is available under Color Xfer Workflow.json.

  • Multi Color Transfer Workflow: A workflow for multi-color transfer is available under Multi_XFer_Workflow.json.

What's New with ComfyI2I

ComfyShop Small Bugfix and Reframe Update

  • 9/30/2023
  • Bug Fixes: Resolved an issue causing a loss of image quality when saved.
  • Framing Options: Large images now handle better with two framing options: 'f' for full scale and Shift + 'f' to fit to screen.
  • Brush Menu: You can now close the brush menu with a right-click in addition to drawing on the canvas.

ComfyShop Update

  • 9/25/2023
  • Introduction of ComfyShop: A new painting app with basic features for ComfyUI.
  • Painting Features: Paint both mask (greyscale) and color, with controls for brush size, opacity, softness, and color.
  • Undo/Redo: Use Ctrl + Z to undo and Shift + Ctrl + Z to redo.
  • Zoom and Pan: Zoom in/out and pan the canvas for better control.

V2 Update

  • 9/2/2023
  • Mask_Ops Node: Outputs the whole image if mask = None and use_text = 0.
  • Color Transfer: Improved color transfer node with new workflows and controls for gamma, contrast, and brightness.
  • Multi-Color Transfer: Extract up to 256 colors from each image and segment the source image by the extracted palette.

Troubleshooting ComfyI2I

Common Issues and Solutions

  • Image Quality Loss: Ensure you are using the latest version to avoid quality loss when saving images.
  • Framing Issues: Use the 'f' and Shift + 'f' hotkeys to adjust framing options for large images.
  • Brush Menu Not Closing: Right-click to close the brush menu if it doesn't close automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I access ComfyShop? Right-click on any image node that outputs an image and mask, then select ComfyShop from the pop-up menu.

  • How do I adjust brush settings? Press Shift + Right Mouse Button to access the brush menu or use keyboard shortcuts.

  • What is the best way to transfer colors between images? Use the Color Transfer node and adjust the number of colors, blur radius, strength, gamma, contrast, and brightness settings.

Learn More about ComfyI2I

For additional resources, tutorials, and community support, consider visiting the following:

  • ComfyUI Documentation
  • Community Forums
    These resources will help you get the most out of ComfyI2I and connect with other AI artists who are using the extension.

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