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How to Install ComfyUI's ControlNet Auxiliary Preprocessors

Install this extension via the ComfyUI Manager by searching for  ComfyUI's ControlNet Auxiliary Preprocessors
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  • 2. Select Custom Nodes Manager button
  • 3. Enter ComfyUI's ControlNet Auxiliary Preprocessors in the search bar
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Anime Face Segmentor Description

Specialized node for semantic segmentation on anime faces using advanced machine learning models, enhancing creative workflow.

Anime Face Segmentor:

The AnimeFace_SemSegPreprocessor is a specialized node designed to perform semantic segmentation on anime-style faces. This node leverages advanced machine learning models to accurately identify and segment different facial regions in anime images, making it an invaluable tool for AI artists working with anime content. By using this preprocessor, you can easily isolate specific facial features or remove backgrounds, which can significantly enhance your creative workflow. The primary goal of this node is to provide precise and efficient segmentation, allowing for more detailed and refined image manipulation.

Anime Face Segmentor Input Parameters:


The image parameter is the primary input for the node, where you provide the anime-style image that you want to process. This parameter is required and must be in an appropriate image format. The quality and resolution of the input image can affect the accuracy of the segmentation.


The remove_background_using_abg parameter is an optional boolean setting that determines whether the background should be removed using the ABG (Anime Background) method. When set to True, the node will attempt to isolate the character from the background, providing a cleaner segmentation. The default value is True.


The resolution parameter specifies the resolution at which the segmentation model will process the image. This parameter is optional and has a default value of 512. The resolution is fixed at 512x512 pixels, as the preprocessor is trained specifically for this resolution. Adjusting this parameter is not possible, as it is constrained to a minimum and maximum value of 512.

Anime Face Segmentor Output Parameters:


The IMAGE output parameter provides the segmented image after processing. This image will have the background removed if the remove_background_using_abg parameter was set to True. The segmented image retains the original colors and details of the input image, but with the specified regions isolated.


The ABG_CHARACTER_MASK (MASK) output parameter provides a mask that corresponds to the segmented regions of the image. This mask can be used for further image processing tasks, such as applying effects or combining with other images. The mask is particularly useful for isolating specific facial features or characters from the background.

Anime Face Segmentor Usage Tips:

  • Ensure that your input image is of high quality and clear to achieve the best segmentation results.
  • Use the remove_background_using_abg parameter to easily isolate characters from complex backgrounds, which can be particularly useful for creating transparent images or applying different backgrounds.
  • Since the resolution is fixed at 512x512 pixels, make sure to resize your input image accordingly to avoid any unexpected results.

Anime Face Segmentor Common Errors and Solutions:

"Model loading failed"

  • Explanation: This error occurs when the pre-trained model cannot be loaded, possibly due to missing files or incorrect paths.
  • Solution: Ensure that all necessary model files are correctly placed in the specified directories and that the paths are correctly set.

"Input image format not supported"

  • Explanation: This error indicates that the provided input image is in an unsupported format.
  • Solution: Convert your image to a supported format such as JPEG or PNG before processing.

"Resolution mismatch"

  • Explanation: This error occurs if the input image resolution does not match the required 512x512 pixels.
  • Solution: Resize your input image to 512x512 pixels before passing it to the node to ensure compatibility.

"Background removal failed"

  • Explanation: This error can happen if the background removal process encounters issues, possibly due to complex backgrounds or low-quality images.
  • Solution: Try using a higher quality image with a simpler background or disable the remove_background_using_abg parameter to see if the issue persists.

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