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How to Install ComfyUI-IC-Light

Install this extension via the ComfyUI Manager by searching for  ComfyUI-IC-Light
  • 1. Click the Manager button in the main menu
  • 2. Select Custom Nodes Manager button
  • 3. Enter ComfyUI-IC-Light in the search bar
After installation, click the  Restart button to restart ComfyUI. Then, manually refresh your browser to clear the cache and access the updated list of nodes.

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ComfyUI-IC-Light Description

ComfyUI-IC-Light provides native nodes for the ComfyUI interface, enhancing its functionality and integration capabilities.

ComfyUI-IC-Light Introduction

ComfyUI-IC-Light is an extension designed to enhance the capabilities of ComfyUI by integrating the IC-Light models. IC-Light, which stands for "Imposing Consistent Light," is a project aimed at manipulating the illumination of images. This extension allows AI artists to easily apply sophisticated lighting effects to their images, making it possible to achieve consistent and realistic lighting conditions across different scenes and subjects.

By using ComfyUI-IC-Light, you can solve common problems related to inconsistent lighting in your artwork. Whether you are working on portraits, landscapes, or any other type of visual content, this extension helps you maintain a coherent lighting scheme, thereby enhancing the overall aesthetic and realism of your images.

How ComfyUI-IC-Light Works

ComfyUI-IC-Light works by leveraging advanced machine learning models to manipulate the lighting in your images. The extension integrates two main types of models: the text-conditioned relighting model and the background-conditioned model.

  • Text-Conditioned Relighting Model: This model allows you to specify the desired lighting conditions using text prompts. For example, you can describe the lighting as "sunshine from window" or "neon light, city," and the model will adjust the lighting in the image accordingly.
  • Background-Conditioned Model: This model adjusts the lighting based on the background of the image. It does not require detailed text prompts and can work with simple descriptions like "cinematic lighting." The models work by taking the foreground images as inputs and applying the specified lighting conditions. This process involves complex computations in the latent space to ensure that the lighting is consistent and realistic.

ComfyUI-IC-Light Features

ComfyUI-IC-Light comes with several features that make it a powerful tool for AI artists:

  1. Text-Conditioned Relighting: Customize the lighting in your images using descriptive text prompts. This feature allows for precise control over the lighting conditions, making it easy to achieve the desired effect.

  2. Background-Conditioned Relighting: Adjust the lighting based on the background of the image. This feature simplifies the process of achieving consistent lighting without the need for detailed prompts.

  3. Customizable Settings: Both models offer various settings that can be adjusted to fine-tune the lighting effects. For example, you can specify the direction of the light source, the intensity of the light, and other parameters to achieve the perfect look.

  4. Integration with ComfyUI: Seamlessly integrates with ComfyUI, allowing you to use the models directly within the ComfyUI interface. This makes it easy to incorporate advanced lighting effects into your existing workflows.

ComfyUI-IC-Light Models

The extension includes several models, each designed for specific use cases:

  1. iclight_sd15_fc.safetensors: The default relighting model, conditioned on text and foreground. Use this model when you want to specify the lighting conditions using text prompts.
  2. iclight_sd15_fcon.safetensors: Similar to the default model but trained with offset noise. This model may perform slightly differently and can be used for experimentation.
  3. iclight_sd15_fbc.safetensors: A relighting model conditioned on text, foreground, and background. Use this model when you need to consider the background in your lighting adjustments. Each model can significantly change the final output, so experimenting with different models can help you find the best one for your specific needs.

Troubleshooting ComfyUI-IC-Light

Here are some common issues you might encounter while using ComfyUI-IC-Light and how to solve them:

  1. Model Not Loading: Ensure that the models are placed in the correct directory (ComfyUI/models/unet/IC-Light). If you are using the Manager, search for "IC-light" to download the models automatically.
  2. Inconsistent Lighting Results: Double-check your text prompts or background settings. Sometimes, minor adjustments to the prompts can lead to significantly better results.
  3. Slow Performance: The relighting process can be computationally intensive. Ensure that your system meets the recommended hardware requirements and consider reducing the image resolution for faster processing.
  4. Errors in ComfyUI: Make sure you have the latest version of ComfyUI and any required dependencies. Some workflows may require the latest features in KJNodes, which can be found .

Learn More about ComfyUI-IC-Light

To learn more about ComfyUI-IC-Light and how to use it effectively, check out the following resources:

  • : The original repository for IC-Light, containing detailed information about the models and their capabilities.
  • : An interactive demo where you can experiment with the models.
  • : Additional nodes and scripts that can enhance your experience with ComfyUI and ComfyUI-IC-Light. These resources provide tutorials, documentation, and community support to help you get the most out of ComfyUI-IC-Light.

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