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BoolBinaryOperation Description

Perform versatile logical operations on boolean values for AI art projects, including AND, OR, XOR.


The CM_BoolBinaryOperation node is designed to perform binary operations on boolean values, providing a versatile tool for logical operations within your AI art projects. This node allows you to combine two boolean inputs using a variety of logical operations such as AND, OR, XOR, and more. By leveraging these operations, you can create complex logical conditions and control flows in your AI models, enhancing the decision-making capabilities of your art generation processes. The node is straightforward to use, making it accessible even if you don't have a deep technical background.

BoolBinaryOperation Input Parameters:


This parameter specifies the type of binary operation to be performed on the boolean inputs. The available options are: "Nor", "Xor", "Nand", "And", "Xnor", "Or", "Eq", and "Neq". Each option represents a different logical operation, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs. For example, "And" will return true only if both inputs are true, while "Or" will return true if at least one input is true. There are no minimum or maximum values for this parameter as it is a selection from predefined operations.


This parameter represents the first boolean input for the binary operation. It accepts a boolean value (True or False) and serves as one of the operands in the logical operation. The default value is False.


This parameter represents the second boolean input for the binary operation. Similar to the a parameter, it accepts a boolean value (True or False) and serves as the other operand in the logical operation. The default value is False.

BoolBinaryOperation Output Parameters:


The output of this node is a boolean value resulting from the specified binary operation on the inputs a and b. This output can be used in subsequent nodes to control the flow of your AI model or to make decisions based on the logical conditions you have set up. For example, if you choose the "And" operation and both inputs are True, the output will be True; otherwise, it will be False.

BoolBinaryOperation Usage Tips:

  • Use the "Eq" operation to check if two boolean conditions are the same, which can be useful for validation checks.
  • Combine multiple CM_BoolBinaryOperation nodes to create complex logical expressions and control flows in your AI art projects.

BoolBinaryOperation Common Errors and Solutions:

Invalid operation selected

  • Explanation: The op parameter must be one of the predefined operations ("Nor", "Xor", "Nand", "And", "Xnor", "Or", "Eq", "Neq").
  • Solution: Ensure that you select a valid operation from the provided list.

Non-boolean input provided

  • Explanation: The a and b parameters must be boolean values (True or False).
  • Solution: Verify that the inputs a and b are correctly set to boolean values.

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