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Install this extension via the ComfyUI Manager by searching for  ComfyUI jank HiDiffusion
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ApplyMSWMSAAttentionSimple Description

Enhance AI model performance with MSW-MSA attention mechanism for Stable Diffusion models, optimizing attention layers for refined image generation.


ApplyMSWMSAAttentionSimple is a node designed to enhance the performance of AI models by applying a specific type of attention mechanism known as MSW-MSA (Multi-Scale Windowed Multi-Head Self-Attention). This node is particularly useful for AI artists working with Stable Diffusion models (SD15 and SDXL), as it optimizes the attention layers within these models to improve the quality and efficiency of generated images. By leveraging predefined blocks and time ranges, ApplyMSWMSAAttentionSimple ensures that the attention mechanism is applied effectively, leading to better model performance and more refined outputs. This node simplifies the process of integrating advanced attention techniques into your workflow, making it accessible even for those without a deep technical background.

ApplyMSWMSAAttentionSimple Input Parameters:


The model_type parameter specifies the type of Stable Diffusion model you are working with. It accepts two options: "SD15" and "SDXL". This parameter is crucial as it determines the specific blocks within the model that will be targeted by the attention mechanism. Choosing the correct model type ensures that the attention is applied appropriately, leading to optimal performance. There are no minimum or maximum values for this parameter, but it must be one of the specified options.


The model parameter represents the actual AI model to which the attention mechanism will be applied. This parameter is essential as it provides the node with the model that needs to be patched. The model should be compatible with the specified model_type to ensure that the attention mechanism can be applied correctly. There are no specific values or options for this parameter, as it depends on the model you are using in your workflow.

ApplyMSWMSAAttentionSimple Output Parameters:


The output parameter MODEL is the AI model with the applied MSW-MSA attention mechanism. This enhanced model is expected to perform better in terms of generating high-quality images, thanks to the optimized attention layers. The output model retains all the original functionalities but with improved attention capabilities, making it more efficient and effective for your AI art projects.

ApplyMSWMSAAttentionSimple Usage Tips:

  • Ensure that you select the correct model_type (either "SD15" or "SDXL") to match the model you are working with. This ensures that the attention mechanism is applied to the appropriate blocks within the model.
  • Use this node to enhance the performance of your Stable Diffusion models, especially when you notice that the generated images lack detail or quality. The MSW-MSA attention mechanism can significantly improve the output.

ApplyMSWMSAAttentionSimple Common Errors and Solutions:

Unknown model type

  • Explanation: This error occurs when an invalid model_type is provided.
  • Solution: Ensure that the model_type parameter is set to either "SD15" or "SDXL".

MSW-MSA attention error: Incompatible model patches or bad resolution. Try using resolutions that are multiples of 32 or 64. Original exception: <exception_message>

  • Explanation: This error indicates that the model patches are incompatible or the resolution of the input images is not suitable for the attention mechanism.
  • Solution: Adjust the resolution of your input images to be multiples of 32 or 64 and ensure that the model patches are compatible with the specified model_type.

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