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How to Install ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite

Install this extension via the ComfyUI Manager by searching for  ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite
  • 1. Click the Manager button in the main menu
  • 2. Select Custom Nodes Manager button
  • 3. Enter ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite in the search bar
After installation, click the  Restart button to restart ComfyUI. Then, manually refresh your browser to clear the cache and access the updated list of nodes.

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ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite Description

ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite enhances video workflows by providing nodes like VHS_VideoCombine, streamlining video processing within the ComfyUI framework.

ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite Introduction

ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite is an extension designed to enhance video workflows within the ComfyUI environment. This suite provides a set of tools, or "nodes," that allow you to manipulate video files, image sequences, and audio files with ease. Whether you're looking to convert videos into image sequences, combine images into a video, or manage audio tracks, ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite offers a comprehensive solution. This extension is particularly useful for AI artists who need to process and manipulate video content as part of their creative projects.

How ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite Works

ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite operates through a series of nodes, each designed to perform specific tasks related to video and image processing. Think of these nodes as building blocks that you can connect to create a workflow tailored to your needs. For example, you can use one node to load a video, another to process the frames, and a third to combine the frames back into a video. This modular approach allows for great flexibility and customization, making it easier to achieve your desired results without needing to write complex code.

ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite Features

I/O Nodes

Load Video

This node converts a video file into a series of images. It offers several customization options:

  • video: The video file to be loaded.
  • force_rate: Adjusts the frame rate by discarding or duplicating frames. Set to 0 to disable.
  • force_size: Resizes the video to suggested sizes, maintaining aspect ratio.
  • frame_load_cap: Limits the number of frames returned, acting as a maximum batch size.
  • skip_first_frames: Skips a specified number of frames from the start.
  • select_every_nth: Skips a number of frames without considering the base frame rate, useful for animated GIFs.

Load Image Sequence

Loads all image files from a subfolder with options similar to Load Video:

  • image_load_cap: Limits the number of images returned.
  • skip_first_images: Skips a specified number of images.
  • select_every_nth: Skips a number of images between every returned frame.

Video Combine

Combines a series of images into an output video, optionally including audio:

  • frame_rate: Sets the frame rate for the output video.
  • loop_count: Repeats the video a specified number of times.
  • filename_prefix: Sets the base file name for the output.
  • format: Specifies the file format.
  • pingpong: Plays the input in reverse to create a loop.
  • save_output: Determines whether to save the output in the output directory or temp directory. Additional options may include:
  • crf: Controls the quality of the output video.
  • save_metadata: Includes workflow metadata in the output video.
  • pix_fmt: Changes how pixel data is stored.

Load Audio

Loads standalone audio files with an optional start time:

  • seek_seconds: Sets the start time for the audio file in seconds.

Latent/Image Nodes

These nodes help manage latents (intermediate data representations) and images:

  • Split Batch: Divides latents into two sets.
  • Merge Batch: Combines two groups of latents.
  • Select Every Nth: Selects every nth latent.
  • Get Count: Retrieves the count of latents.
  • Duplicate Batch: Duplicates a batch of latents.

Video Previews

Provides animated previews for various nodes, enhancing the user experience:

  • Open preview
  • Save preview
  • Pause preview
  • Hide preview
  • Sync preview

Advanced Previews

Advanced Previews can be enabled for more detailed previews, reflecting node settings and improving performance, especially with large videos or animated GIFs.

Troubleshooting ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite

Common Issues and Solutions

Issue: Video Not Loading

  • Solution: Ensure the video file path is correct and the file format is supported.

Issue: Frames Not Matching Expected Rate

  • Solution: Check the force_rate setting and adjust as needed.

Issue: Output Video Quality is Poor

  • Solution: Adjust the crf setting to a lower number for higher quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable Advanced Previews?

  • Go to the settings gear next to Queue Prompt and check the box for VHS Advanced Previews.

Can I load videos from external paths?

  • Yes, use the path variant of the Load Video node.

Learn More about ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite

For additional resources, tutorials, and community support, consider visiting the following:

  • Community forums and discussion boards related to ComfyUI and video processing. By exploring these resources, you can gain a deeper understanding of how to leverage ComfyUI-VideoHelperSuite for your creative projects.

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