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How to Install ComfyUI-Flowty-CRM

Install this extension via the ComfyUI Manager by searching for  ComfyUI-Flowty-CRM
  • 1. Click the Manager button in the main menu
  • 2. Select Custom Nodes Manager button
  • 3. Enter ComfyUI-Flowty-CRM in the search bar
After installation, click the  Restart button to restart ComfyUI. Then, manually refresh your browser to clear the cache and access the updated list of nodes.

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CRM Modeler (Cuda only) Description

Generate 3D meshes from CRM models using CUDA-enabled GPUs for high-performance computing environments.

CRM Modeler (Cuda only):

The CRMModelerCuda node is designed to leverage the power of CUDA-enabled GPUs to generate 3D meshes from CRM models, poses, and coordinates. This node is part of the Flowty CRM suite and is optimized for high-performance computing environments where CUDA is available. By utilizing GPU acceleration, it significantly speeds up the process of converting 2D images into 3D models, making it ideal for applications that require real-time or near-real-time performance. The primary function of this node is to take a CRM model along with pose and coordinate images, process them using CUDA, and output a detailed 3D mesh. This node is particularly beneficial for AI artists and developers who need to create complex 3D models efficiently.

CRM Modeler (Cuda only) Input Parameters:


The crm_model parameter represents the CRM model that will be used to generate the 3D mesh. This model contains the necessary data and algorithms to interpret the input images and produce a 3D representation. The quality and accuracy of the output mesh heavily depend on the CRM model provided. There are no specific minimum or maximum values for this parameter, but it must be a valid CRM model compatible with the Flowty CRM suite.


The poses parameter consists of a series of 2D images that depict different poses of the subject to be modeled. These images are used to understand the spatial orientation and structure of the subject. The images should be in a format that can be processed by the node, typically as tensors. The more diverse and accurate the poses, the better the resulting 3D mesh will be.


The coordinates parameter includes a series of 2D images that provide coordinate information for the subject. These images help in mapping the spatial data accurately to generate the 3D mesh. Like the poses parameter, these images should be in a format that the node can process, usually as tensors. Accurate coordinate images are crucial for creating a precise 3D model.

CRM Modeler (Cuda only) Output Parameters:


The MESH output parameter is the resulting 3D mesh generated by the node. This mesh is a detailed 3D representation of the subject based on the input CRM model, poses, and coordinates. The mesh can be used in various applications, such as 3D rendering, animation, and virtual reality. The output is a dictionary containing the mesh data and a flag indicating that CUDA was used in the process.

CRM Modeler (Cuda only) Usage Tips:

  • Ensure that your system has a CUDA-enabled GPU and that CUDA is properly installed and configured to take full advantage of the node's capabilities.
  • Use high-quality and diverse pose and coordinate images to improve the accuracy and detail of the generated 3D mesh.
  • Regularly update your CRM model to incorporate the latest improvements and features for better performance and results.

CRM Modeler (Cuda only) Common Errors and Solutions:

"Cuda is not supported, use the regular CRMModeler node"

  • Explanation: This error occurs when the system does not have a CUDA-enabled GPU or CUDA is not properly installed.
  • Solution: Verify that your system has a CUDA-enabled GPU and that CUDA is correctly installed. If CUDA is not available, consider using the regular CRMModeler node, which does not require CUDA.

"RuntimeError: CUDA error: out of memory"

  • Explanation: This error indicates that the GPU does not have enough memory to process the input data.
  • Solution: Reduce the size or number of input images, or use a GPU with more memory. You can also try closing other applications that might be using GPU resources.

"TypeError: expected Tensor as element 0 in argument 0, but got numpy.ndarray"

  • Explanation: This error occurs when the input images are not in the expected tensor format.
  • Solution: Ensure that the input images are converted to tensors before passing them to the node. Use appropriate libraries like PyTorch to handle the conversion.

"ValueError: Input images must have the same dimensions"

  • Explanation: This error happens when the input pose and coordinate images have different dimensions.
  • Solution: Verify that all input images have the same dimensions and resize them if necessary before passing them to the node.

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