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Batch Float Assemble (mtb)

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Batch Float Assemble (mtb) Description

Combine multiple float batches into a continuous stream with optional order reversal for streamlined data merging.

Batch Float Assemble (mtb):

The Batch Float Assemble node is designed to combine multiple batches of floating-point numbers into a single continuous stream. This node is particularly useful when you have several separate lists of floats that you need to merge into one for further processing or analysis. By providing an option to reverse the order of the batches before assembling them, this node offers flexibility in how the final stream is constructed. This can be beneficial in various scenarios, such as when the order of data points is crucial for subsequent operations. The primary goal of this node is to streamline the process of merging multiple float batches, making it easier to handle and manipulate large sets of numerical data.

Batch Float Assemble (mtb) Input Parameters:


The reverse parameter is a boolean option that determines whether the order of the batches should be reversed before they are assembled into a single stream. If set to True, the node will reverse the order of the input batches before merging them. If set to False, the batches will be merged in their original order. This parameter allows you to control the sequence of the final output, which can be important for certain applications where the order of data points affects the outcome. The default value for this parameter is False.

Batch Float Assemble (mtb) Output Parameters:


The output parameter FLOATS is a single list of floating-point numbers that results from merging the input batches. This list contains all the floats from the input batches, combined into one continuous stream. The order of the floats in this list depends on the reverse parameter: if reverse is True, the batches are merged in reverse order; if reverse is False, they are merged in their original order. This output is essential for any subsequent processing or analysis that requires a unified set of numerical data.

Batch Float Assemble (mtb) Usage Tips:

  • To maintain the original order of your data, ensure the reverse parameter is set to False.
  • If you need to process the most recent data first, set the reverse parameter to True to reverse the order of the batches before merging.
  • Use this node to simplify the handling of multiple float lists, especially when preparing data for further numerical analysis or visualization.

Batch Float Assemble (mtb) Common Errors and Solutions:

"TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable"

  • Explanation: This error occurs when one of the input batches is None or not properly initialized.
  • Solution: Ensure that all input batches are correctly initialized and contain valid lists of floats before passing them to the node.

"ValueError: min() arg is an empty sequence"

  • Explanation: This error can happen if the input batches are empty and the node attempts to find the minimum value in an empty list.
  • Solution: Check that the input batches are not empty before using the node. Ensure that each batch contains at least one float.

"KeyError: 'reverse'"

  • Explanation: This error occurs if the reverse parameter is not provided or incorrectly specified.
  • Solution: Make sure to include the reverse parameter in the input with a valid boolean value (True or False).

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