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Load your workflow or use our templates, minimum setup time is required with 200+ preloaded nodes/models.

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Stunning results in no time with our high-performance machines, automatically saved to your own storage in cloud.

RunComfy maintains ComfyUI complexities so you don't have to

200+ cutting-edge ComfyUI models/nodes updated daily

Run ComfyUI workflows effortlessly without setup or fixes

Curated 50+ ComfyUI Workflows with Stunning Visuals


Workflows designed to transform simple text or image prompts into stunning videos and images, utilizing advanced technologies such as AnimateDiff V2/V3, Stable Video Diffusion and DynamiCrafter, etc., to bring your ideas to life.


Workflows crafted to convert existing visuals into a different art style, using tools like Controlnet, IPAdapter V2, segment-anything(SAM) and RAVE, etc., to adapt and reshape the original aesthetics into new captivating art forms.


Workflows specialize in restoring or enhancing videos and images by deblurring, colorizing, denoising and upscaling, integrating AI models like SUPIR, CCSR, APISR and UltraSharp, etc., to perfect every detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ComfyUI?

ComfyUI stands out as the most robust and flexible graphical user interface (GUI) for stable diffusion, complete with an API and backend architecture.

ComfyUI has quickly grown to encompass more than just Stable Diffusion. It supports SD1.x, SD2, SDXL, controlnet, but also models like Stable Video Diffusion, AnimateDiff, PhotoMaker and more.

At the heart of ComfyUI is a node-based graph system that allows users to craft and experiment with complex image and video creation workflows in an intuitive manner. This interface offers granular control over the entire creative process, eliminating the need for any coding expertise.

How does ComfyUI compare to Automatic 1111?

When comparing Automatic 1111 and ComfyUI, you'll notice a variety of differences based on their usability, performance, and the flexibility in dealing with Stable Diffusion web interfaces.

  1. User Interface and Complexity: The Automatic 1111 is known for its user-friendly interface, which simplifies navigation for users. In contrast, ComfyUI features a complex, node-based GUI that gives advanced users with more options and flexibility. Nevertheless this increased complexity could result in learning curve.
  2. Performance and Speed: In terms of performance, ComfyUI has shown speed than Automatic 1111 in speed evaluations leading to processing times, for different image resolutions.
  3. Workflow Considerations: Automatic 1111 follows a destructive workflow, which means changes are final unless the entire process is restarted. However, ComfyUI follows a "non-destructive workflow," enabling users to backtrack, tweak, and adjust their workflows without needing to begin anew. This functionality has the potential to significantly boost efficiency and inspire exploration.
  4. Extensions: ComfyUI provides extensions and customizable elements to enhance its functionality. Users can integrate tools, like the "CLIP Set Last Layer" node for managing images and a variety of plugins for tasks, like organizing graphs, adjusting pose skeletons. This flexibility allows users to personalize their image creation process efficiently.

In summary Automatic 1111 is known for its user interface catering to newcomers or those looking for straightforward workflows. In contrast, ComfyUI caters to experienced users, by offering a range of tools and customization options for tasks as well as delivering faster performance.

How can I get started with ComfyUI?

Installing ComfyUI can be somewhat complex and requires a powerful GPU. To streamline this process, RunComfy offers a ComfyUI cloud environment, ensuring it is fully configured and ready for immediate use. This allows you to concentrate solely on learning how to utilize ComfyUI for your creative projects and develop your workflows. Additionally, RunComfy provides an array of ready-to-use workflows and detailed tutorials to assist you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on Discord.

How fast is the image or video generation using ComfyUI?

The speed of generating images and videos varies depending on the machine model you choose. We offer five types of machines:

  • Medium Machine (16GB VRAM | 48GB RAM): For SDXL at 1024x1024 image, 20 steps, it requires 11 seconds.
  • Large Machine (24GB VRAM | 48GB RAM): For SDXL at 1024x1024 image, 20 steps, it requires 8 seconds.
  • Extra Large Machine (48GB VRAM | 48GB RAM): For SDXL at 1024x1024 image, 20 steps, it requires only 6.5 seconds.
  • 2X Large Machine (80GB VRAM | 96GB RAM): For SDXL at 1024x1024 image, 20 steps, it requires 3.5 seconds.
  • 2X Large Plus Machine (80GB VRAM | 180GB RAM): For SDXL at 1024x1024 image, 20 steps, it requires 2.2 seconds.

Why Choose RunComfy for ComfyUI?

Choosing us for ComfyUI Cloud services brings a host of benefits, making your experience with Stable Diffusion not only user-friendly but also incredibly efficient.

  1. Our investment in high-speed GPUs (24GB/48GB, and soon 80GB) ensures you get swift results without the need to invest in expensive hardware. This is crucial for those tackling complex AI Video and Image Upscale tasks, eliminating delays often associated with less powerful equipment.
  2. We've fine-tuned the ComfyUI environment by pre-installing 200+ popular models and nodes, allowing you to bypass the often tedious setup process.
  3. Our workflow offerings are designed to save you significant time. We constantly update these workflows with stunning visuals, ensuring you have access to the latest features and improvements.
  4. Our robust file management capabilities enable easy upload and download of ComfyUI models, nodes, and output results. This smoothens your workflow and ensures your projects and files are well-organized, enhancing your overall experience.

In essence, choosing RunComfy for running ComfyUI equates to opting for speed, convenience, and efficiency. We are dedicated to making your journey with Stable Diffusion as smooth and productive as possible.

Which ComfyUI nodes/models are pre-installed on the RunComfy platform?

RunComfy is committed to empowering our users with the latest and most innovative nodes and models from ComfyUI, streamlining your access to cutting-edge tools for creative endeavors without the complexities of setup. Our expansive collection is meticulously categorized into main areas: Generation, Transformation, Edit, and Restoration, each filled with the newest ComfyUI enhancements to elevate your creative process.

In the Generation area, we highlight several key nodes/models,

  1. SVD (Stable Video Diffusion) facilitates image-to-video transformation within ComfyUI, aiming for smooth, realistic videos.
  2. AnimateDiff offers a range of motion styles in ComfyUI, making text-to-video animations more straightforward.
  3. Stable Cascade provides improved image quality, faster processing, cost efficiency, and easier customization.
  4. DynamiCrafter is effective at creating looping videos and frame interpolation, enhancing dynamic content creation within ComfyUI.
  5. LayerDiffuser enables the generation of transparent images, often used with other models for enhanced effects in ComfyUI.

For Transformation and Edit, we provide, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Various ControlNet options, including edges, human poses, depth, and segmentation maps, integrated with the ComfyUI platform.
  2. IPAdapter uses images as prompts to efficiently guide the generation process.
  3. InstantID allows for ID-preserving generation from a single image.
  4. RMBG 1.4/Segment Anything offers advanced background editing and removal capabilities in ComfyUI.
  5. Inpainting/outpainting tools for detailed modifications or expansions of image areas, customized to specific creative needs within ComfyUI.

In the Restoration category, we provide, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. SUPIR, CCSR, and APISR models for photorealistic or anime-style restoration and upscaling, aimed at improving image clarity and vibrancy.
  2. Techniques such as Fix Face and Fix Hands to enhance the quality of AI-generated images, utilizing ComfyUI's features.

Beyond these highlighted nodes/models, more await on the RunComfy Platform. Importantly, we constantly refresh our offerings with the latest ComfyUI models/nodes and rigorously tested workflows for superior visual outcomes. This ensures that you receive early access to pioneering tools, enabling the efficient and effective creations of your AI artistic visions with ComfyUI.

Can I upload and download my own models or loras to a RunComfy machine?

Yes, you can upload and download from Civitai, Hugging Face, remote file storage, or even your local storage.

Can I use ComfyUI Manager or other custom nodes in RunComfy ComfyUI?

Yes, you can use the pre-installed ComfyUI Manager to install and manage nodes and models.

Can I upload my images and videos in RunComfy ComfyUI?

Yes, you can upload images and videos (including folder structures) into the input folder of RunComfy ComfyUI using the file browser.

Will generated, uploaded, or downloaded data persist across machine sessions?

Yes, you can install custom nodes using the manager, download models or loras, and upload images and videos, etc. All this data will still be available when you launch another machine, regardless of its size.

Is there any technical support available?

Yes! We offer technical support through our Discord channel and email: Our team is ready to assist with any questions or issues you might have while using ComfyUI.

I have more questions about ComfyUI/RunComfy, where to find more information?

Great! We are here to answer all of your questions, please see our Ultimate Guide to ComfyUI in RunComfy here first and it is being updated all the time. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to us on Discord or email us at here.

Do you have education, team or enterprise plans?

Of course, we have collaborated extensively with educational institutions, government-led AI training programs, and a wide range of enterprises to provide a comprehensive AI Art online content and learning environment. For more information, please feel free to reach out to us at here.


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