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This ComfyUI workflow uses the SDXL model and ComfyUI Portrait Master to simplify portrait creation. Portrait Master provides a comprehensive set of pre-defined parameters, including face, pose, expression, and background control, enabling the production of both highly realistic and stylized images. Thanks to the straightforward manipulation of these parameters, creating portraits becomes effortless, freeing you from the need for complex prompts. Moreover, you have the opportunity to explore various models to achieve diverse styles and portrait qualities. Additionally, you can directly input text to specify or refine features not covered by the pre-defined parameters within the Portrait Master node, further enhancing customization.

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ComfyUI Portrait Master
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1. ComfyUI Portrait Master Workflow

This workflow uses SDXL checkpoints and the Portrait Master node for simple portrait generation. With Portrait Master node verssion 2.3, you have enhanced control in creating portraits, allowing you to produce images that are either realistic or stylized according to your needs.

2. Overview of Portrait Master

The Portrait Master node within ComfyUI acts as an alternative to traditional prompt-based image generation. It streamlines the portrait creation process by enabling direct manipulation of key parameters such as pose, expression, lighting, and background, eliminating the reliance on complex textual prompts.

3. Available Options of Portrait Master

  • shot: Specifies the type of camera shot.
  • shot_weight: Determines the importance or influence of the shot type.
  • gender: Indicates the character's gender.
  • androgynous: Adjusts the character's appearance to be more androgynous, with a value representing the extent of the adjustment.
  • age: Specifies the character's age.
  • nationality_1: Chooses the first ethnicity of the character.
  • nationality_2: Chooses the second ethnicity of the character.
  • nationality_mix: Blends the first and second ethnicities, using the format [nationality_1: nationality_2: nationality_mix]. Note: This format is not directly supported by ComfyUI; use for better integration. This feature is experimental.
  • body_type: Determines the character's body shape.
  • body_type_weight: Sets the prominence of the chosen body type.
  • model_pose: Selects the character's pose from a predefined list.
  • eyes_color: Sets the color of the eyes.
  • eyes_shape: Chooses the shape of the eyes.
  • lips_color: Defines the color of the lips.
  • lips_shape: Chooses the shape of the lips.
  • makeup: Applies makeup to the character.
  • clothes: Dresses the character.
  • facial_expression / facial_expression_weight: Applies and fine-tunes the character's facial expression.
  • face_shape / face_shape_weight: Applies and adjusts the shape of the character's face.
  • facial_asymmetry: Adjusts the asymmetry of the face.
  • hair_color: Sets the color of the hair.
  • hairs_style: Chooses a hairstyle.
  • hairs_length: Selects the length of the hair.
  • disheveled: Adds a tousled effect to the hair.
  • natural_skin: Enhances the skin to appear more natural.
  • bare_face: Adjusts the level of makeup or lack thereof to achieve a bare-faced look.
  • washed_face: Adds a fresh, clean look to the face.
  • dried_face: Simulates a dry skin appearance.
  • skin_details: Adjusts the level of detail visible on the skin.
  • skin_pores: Controls the visibility of skin pores.
  • dimples: Adds or adjusts the presence of facial dimples.
  • freckles: Controls the appearance of freckles.
  • moles: Adds moles to the skin.
  • skin_imperfections: Introduces imperfections to the skin.
  • eyes_details: Adjusts the level of detail in the eyes.
  • iris_details: Fine-tunes the details of the iris.
  • circular_iris: Enhances the iris to be more circular.
  • circular_pupil: Makes the pupil more circular.
  • light_type: Sets the overall lighting.
  • light_direction: Specifies the direction of lighting. This feature is experimental.
  • photorealism_improvement: An experimental setting to enhance photorealism.
  • prompt_start: Inserts a specific text at the beginning of the prompt.
  • prompt_additional: Inserts text at a midpoint in the prompt.
  • prompt_end: Adds text at the end of the prompt.
  • negative_prompt: Integrates a negative prompt for finer control based on settings.
  • style_1 / style_1_weight: Applies and adjusts a specific style.
  • style_2 / style_2_weight: Applies and adjusts a second style.
  • random_: Toggles the randomization of some options.

Note: Parameters set to a null value or 0.00 will not be included in the generated prompt. The randomizer option, when enabled, ignores manually entered values, opting for random selection instead. This node generates two outputs: a positive and a negative prompt, based on the settings provided.

4. Usage Tips of Portrait Master

Experiment with Different Models: Given the varied styles and qualities of portraits produced by different models, experimenting with them is crucial to identify the most suitable one for your intended outcome.

Customizing Attributes: The Portrait Master node provides numerous customizable attributes including shot type, gender, nationality, body type, model pose, eye color, facial expression, hairstyle, and lighting. Setting these attributes to randomize can yield a wide range of results with each iteration.

Fine-Tuning the Output: Detailed adjustments are possible with Portrait Master, including light direction and facial details. This level of manipulation helps you fine-tune the portrait to their exact preferences.

Using Text for Additional Customization: For more advanced customization, you can input text directly to specify or refine features that are not available through the pre-defined attributes. This feature adds an extra layer of personalization to the portrait creation process.

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